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Full Body Workout For Women Plan Program Routine Total

Full Body Workout For Women Plan Program Routine Total. Sexy curves through Full Body Workout For Women Plan Program muscle building : Forget the prejudice muscles for women do not go . More and more young women in today place emphasis on a well defined body – and training with the barbell and devices does not necessarily make thick muscular package . Especially not in women , because they produce much less testosterone than men – the crucial hormone in muscle building . It means that protein is stored in the muscles through the workout and the muscles grow . Instead burly footballers legs and upper arms Popeye woman may therefore show a slender , beautifully toned and proportioned body with the right training in the summer!

Muscles for women = sexy curves

You have a wider pelvis ? No problem – if you have a little upholster the upper body, which no longer falls on . Who vice versa has broad shoulders , can set focus more on training the legs and buttocks . With the right strength training for you , you can streamline not only the contours of her body , but optimize the proportions so that the overall picture is harmonious . A fixed waist and a tight bum through equipment training says regardless of the form of the figure and her femininity is perceived by men as attractive guaranteed .

Less is more

To define the muscles more and not adding bulk , the right intensity is important. Those who leave the studio with a red face and rubber legs, has overdone it ! Beautiful muscles for women means that the exercises should be performed at 40-60 percent of maximum force . For example, if once they can lift a 40 kilo barbell bench press , then requires that 100 percent of their muscle strength. Should be trained with weights between 16 and 24 kilos for a smooth muscle. Thus, the co-ordination between the individual fibers within the muscle is improved . This leads to less bulky muscles, but a complex development of the force.

Prefer to train on machines or free weights ?

Fitness Equipment protect from bad posture because they have an assistance for the correct execution . They are therefore particularly suitable for women when it comes to beautiful muscles for beginners . Anyone have experience , must quietly dare those dumbbells : They are not only reserved for men! The training with free weights or dumbbells is much more efficient , since a higher body tension and more muscle groups are needed . In addition, the inter-muscular coordination is trained – ie the interaction of the muscles involved in the movement. Ideal exercises are appealing to several muscle groups. And of course, individual problem areas can be specifically tackled if women are beautiful muscles for the goal!

Beware of bad posture while exercising

But please do not Hau Ruck campaigns! For smooth muscle is also one that you be careful with her ​​body. During training, especially on the lower back look : To protect him , but with so much weight workout that you do not fall into the hollow back . Also possible to perform the weights along the body . Pay at abdominal exercises that are performed lying on your back , that your back is pressed flat into the floor . While standing in all exercises the abdominal muscles tight and never push through the joints completely. Also pay attention to the correct breathing : exhale during the exertion phase , inhale let loose .

Sexy curves for women made ​​easy : the right exercises and suggestions for the correct execution can be found in our workout videos !

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Woman’s physical structure
body slim, tall or short, but delicate and fragile structure; nose and thin neck, thorax long, usually little chest, arms and legs long and fine, small joints; few muscles, shoulders and not too wide Rounded, toes and neck long, triangular-shaped face, hair usually thin, long fingers and skinny, long neck, sensitivity to extreme temperatures (cold or feel more easily are more likely to feel too hot) and the skin tends to burn more easily . Such women have a high metabolism, can eat a lot without getting fat, fat levels are low and may have difficulty gaining weight. Jeitosas are thin and generally understand women models, runners and dancers. Such women should resist the tendency to exercise enough because their bodies fragile and delicate are not very amenable to drilling very progressive and will not show high levels of muscle mass. All types of bodies are less likely to create and be cellulite very overweight, which makes them very envy in the structure, and those that are naturally thin and body model. Cellulite, rare, when it appears, is remarkable in the buttocks and back of thighs. No difficulty to lose weight, but to gain muscle mass need to follow a diet and adequate exercise needs.

Female bodybuilding myths
Physiologically speaking women already have the highest percentage of fat than men in the whole body. And the amount of the hormone testosterone is lower (most responsible for muscle growth) mainly in the upper limbs. So to say that working out biceps, back, triceps, shoulders and chest will not let a woman with a masculine appearance.Because, to get a good indict hypertrophy she would have to work out twice as much as a man trains commonly due to the factors mentioned above. Unless some cases in which favors certain genetic women with an increased amount of natural testosterone spread in the body, greatly facilitating the overall hypertrophy. Thus, due to the higher percentage of fat and the lowest amount of testosterone. The wise woman is working out the whole upper limb.After all, nobody likes to localized fat, arm pelancudo, plump shapes. The weight in this case would act much more aesthetic, giving a look to these rigid members.

The word “ideal weight” is all the rage, and especially overweight people want to achieve this long-term weight. The road is not always easy and many seemingly useful tips can lead to an opposite effect. This can help the dream weight to come closer to targeted exercises for all body areas.


Although the ideal weight can also be long-term dietary change can be achieved, but it is much more effective when integrated with sports in the day. It may not always be endurance sports. With exercises for specific body regions may already be a good result.

Because by exercises for abs, legs, buttocks and other parts of the body they are tightened. In addition, the muscle mass thus constructed provides a higher basal metabolic rate. This is important for long-term weight loss. Only when the input power is less than the Consumed, scale and mass of the body starts to lose weight and the ideal fast approaching.


There are many different exercises that differ in difficulty. For beginners, it makes little sense to venture into extravagant yoga or Pilates exercises, because they must be done correctly. Otherwise, injuries may even threaten.

Therefore, the exercises for one’s ideal weight should initially be supervised by an experienced athlete or coach. These are capable of taking appropriate action if the sports units are executed incorrectly and can create an appropriate exercise plan.

Also, the workout in the group can provide the necessary motivation, also to present yourself at home and get ideas. Whoever is ashamed because of his corpulent body mass, may also attend individual lessons with effective exercises.


Many exercises that the ideal weight lead can be easily integrated into everyday life. As tensing muscles during different homework helps to train these areas without much effort.

Even in the work place can be slipped perform gymnastic exercises. Importantly, however, is not as long to train, but many small sections at a desk exercise, assimilate and implement during the lunch break and other occasions.


Is important in the selection of appropriate exercises, this focus is not to only one body or to reinforce certain areas. Because the training phases are boring without variety and the desire for the sports program decreases.

On the other hand, the desired effect is also diminished because unilateral sport brings out one’s body is not actually possible out. Only if the individual muscle regions are repeatedly loaded differently, doing exercises for the ideal weight really make sense for the long term and provide a weight loss .